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Georgi Damyanov
풀스택 웹 개발자
Great functionality for the great price. Addon domains are great, but unlimited space makes this option Insane - please don't remove it! Support helped me solve problems really fast.
Petar Mikulcic
비즈니스 오너
First time building website and I'm satisfied that I managed to do it in a few days! First, I used Zero builder, later I learned what SEO is and started doing it on my WordPress site.
Belgrade Sports Timing
레이스 계시원
You're simply good. No bad experience so far, keep it like that.
Renee Koutsis
비즈니스 오너
I chose Hostinger as it is affordable and reliable.
I used shared hosting before, but I outgrew it and was able to set up a VPS service which is the best value for money. I had no outages and support is always here to help.
Mark A. Grooves
프리랜서 개발자
I originally selected Hostinger for the pricing, but have been impressed by tech support and its answers. We are pleased with Hostinger’s reliable servers and up time.
"호스팅어는 트러스트파일럿에서 Excellent 등급을 받았습니다"
워드프레스 개발자
I chose Hostinger for the price. But I was pleasantly surprised by good customer service. What I like most is how easy it was to activate my account and transfer my domain.
커뮤니케이션 책임자
We mainly chose Hostinger because company does the best for its users and the cost is affordable.
Amith Mudugamuwa
기계 공학자
Hostinger works perfectly. They helped me purchase domain. I've been using Hostinger since my first website and will keep using it. I suggest Hostinger for everyone I know!
Kevin Clark
웹, 소프트웨어, IT 프리랜서
I must say that your support is the best of all I have ever contacted. A company that responds to customers in the way you do will definitely get to number one position.
Cima Now
엔터테인먼트 사이트
I chose Hostinger because of cheap prices, best speed and helpful support. Hostinger is an excellent company.
Ilya Kanatov
UI/UX 디자이너
I choose Hostinger because of the balance between price and authority. And you have a free SSL! I talk with support anytime to solve issue that I can't Google.
Nick Yasa
그래픽 디자이너
You offer a good bang for the buck! The support is also A+ and everything is simple and easy to work with for people with vague knowledge of web hosting!
Anime Tech
엔터테인먼트 사이트
I used 000webhost and Hostinger was an obvious next step to upgrade to. You have great service and even a more awesome support team.
Dimitrios Kosmidis
그래픽 디자이너
I am new in web design and I learned from a friend that you have a very good customer support.

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